Piano Skills in Pakistan

Soundcheck – Testing my Piano Skills in Pakistan


Piano Skills in Pakistan- Somewhere in the world, A group of people is listening to this tune. It can be a single person who played this on repeat.

I am happy that I could lessen the troubles of a group of people or a single person in Ukraine. The thought behind this piece is to somehow or with the help of a tool like a piano. Relieve the world and its people from disease. Make them healthier, encourage them to become better. Inculcate in them a spirit to fight this. To create a sense of togetherness. And happiness.

Piano Skills in Pakistan

My main aim as a writer is to help my audience solve a single issue!

But they mustn’t think that their time was wasted in any way. My mission is to inculcate a learning experience in my audience. Learning that lasts longer. And you can come back to it. It is free.

Let us see the brighter side of things. and let us become the best version of ourselves.

Enable others to do the same. I am listening to this musical piece as I write. And I would highly recommend that you listen to this at a 20 percent volume out of a 100. Like a chef tells you to try his recipe with a particular special sauce.


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