The Monster and the Irony

The Irony and the Monster

The Monster and the Irony- The definition states that it is:

a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result.

Additionally, have you thought about happiness? and How it exhilarates us? My point is simple, and that is we have material possessions when we are short of time or we have time when we have zero material possessions.


Furthermore, sometimes We make plans for our children, and we make financial plans as well. But sometimes the word plan is not enough. In order to understand this concept? we need to look inwards.

The travelers might have planned a visit, the investors may have acquisitions in mind. But everything stops! It halts.

This time it is bad. We cannot move an inch, we cannot see the culprit. And we can not destroy it. A monster who has grabbed us and if you look closely, you might understand the devastation that it has caused.

This post has too many If’s and But’s!

Furthermore, my question is? can you ask yourself a simple question? and you must answer it with sincerity and honesty. You can keep your answers to yourself. Ask yourself? Can you find the humanity in us? can you find decency? Do you trust people more than twice?

Have we fed the hungry? have we taken care of animals? did we create a safer world? This world is the worst mirror. It reflects what we do. And we are ugly.

Moreover, there is no way and this might be closer to an impossibility… I can’t believe I am writing this? Be kind to others, and bring clarity in your hearts and minds. Once you have clarity? you can then have a solid lucidity in your thoughts and words. This means that do not lie in your thoughts.

A Reality check!

Correspondingly,this world will not survive otherwise. These are the most cherish-able human emotions. Trust, sacrifice, kindness, and self-discipline. Anyways, who am I to give you a stupid lecture on this issue? If you could take away one thing after reading this?

Finally, I would want you to be kind to animals+other human beings. Try and Forget about their race, financial status, and background. I believe we feel the karma directly in our hearts and it also reflects in our lives. On that note. Please take care of your self and Have a nice day!


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