Reading the first two chapters are encouraging. These writing resources work, only if you read them with concentration and focus.

The process is simple and it is easier to recall or memorize when you read it with focus and attention.

100 ways to improve your writing talks about a tried and tested method that works. And it can work for you.

There is a small catch. You may memorize a part of the book. This way recalling might not be that difficult. My point is simple and that is to recall check and tick everything in your mind. 

As I have also mentioned in some of my previous videos. With practice and like mathematics where you perform simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication. That is in your mind. Similarly, you can also write in your mind.

100 ways to Improve your Writing

All it needs is a bit of practice. To extend this example. For instance, you can build an entire shelf. An imaginary space where you store all your essays and everything that you have read. Especially the pieces that you find interesting and important. Create a small shelf, to begin with. And turn that small shelf space to an entire library.

You can read the first two chapters of the book here.

Eavesdropping is an interesting perspective or way of thinking. It simply means listening to someone’s conversation. In the book the author tells you to do it ethically and as part of your writing exercise and practice. 

If you hear someone say;

“Mike I have hidden the body in the old woman’s house.” Then it is time to stop eavesdropping and call the police.

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