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Furthermore, Australians were a group of reasonable people until they signed up or agreed to let Indians use their air bases against China and Pakistan.
I also mentioned in some of my previous posts that one should not throw stones, especially when you live in a glass house. You have Black lives matter. A movement to prevent systemic racism against dark colored brothers and sisters.
If you compare the situation in Hong Kong and China, it is far better and incomparable to the racism situation in the U.S.A.
I guess it was best to prepare yourself for this foolish behavior from the U.S.A. As you know it would have effected the supremacy of the U.S.
Especially, if they join the one belt one road project. Ego is self-destructive. We cannot do anything if everything is pre-ordained. All we can do is to wait and see.

The prediction of the Indian demise:

It is best to grab a box of popcorn and relax. Moreover, because there is not much that you can do. The american soldiers are not psychologically fit. I suggest that the colored people ask a group of same questions to a Muslim and an Christian American. That has a few indirect questions about racism. You will know your answer. Likely, if they use technology, then China probably has better technology.
Similarly We will fight. Even if the world unites against us. Even then Pakistanis will fight till we are martyrs or we grow more victorious.
This could be the end of a power that is not so super anymore. It could be the end of Japan, The Korea that supports the U.S. This could also be the end of Australia because this is definitely the end of India.
My message to Pakistanis is to“Be prepared”

The prediction of the Indian demise..

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