How to write a script for a YouTube video

A lot of times, especially while we try and communicate a message. This can be a formal or an informal message. And we do not align our eyes, heart, and speech. This causes great stress for the viewers. In particular, when we talk about delivering effective messages in videos.

I have learned this the hard way and that is through practice. It all starts when we make bad videos, then they become average, and once we have practiced? They become viewable. Although, this is not a comprehensive and final mechanism. With a proper intervention from an expert, you can significantly reduce the time required and save your self some practice.

But the person who believes in practicing is better.  

A video is a recorded message. You are preserving that time for the future. And that is a powerful thing.

You can replay it to yourself and your children. Ask for feedback from your viewers. Especially when you are on your quest to improving yourself as a person.

Here is a look at my latest video:

Please watch this video with an open mind and try and comment.



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Also, At a time when the world has forgotten about Kashmir, let us use this #hashtag a lot. #IIOJKUnderSiege #IIOJKUnderSiege #IIOJKUnderSiege #IIOJKUnderSiege

The New MAP of Pakistan:

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday unveiled a “new political map” of Pakistan which also included occupied Kashmir.

The premier’s announcement came a day ahead of the first anniversary of India’s controversial unilateral decision to revoke the area’s semi-autonomy.

In the end I would like to conclude that ” I told you so” That was indeed an ideal time to sandwich India between China and Pakistan. Now we have the first movers advantage, Ladakh and rest of the areas are all gone.

Kashmir is a natural progression for every Pakistani man and woman.

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