If you are an elderly Pakistani? Can you face my questions? Can you substantiate your argument?

My Kashmir in 2020 -Pakistanis have lost a sweet taste of life. We breathe and roam around, but we have forgotten how to live. Suffocation and suppression that our Kashmiri brothers and sisters feel.

We Pakistanis are responsible, for all the precious lives that were lost. Although they are martyrs and their only place is a great place in Heaven.

But what have we done? If the previous government is responsible, then why can’t we make it right this time?

It is an ideal time to organize, and subjugate India. Half of your fight is being fought by China. Not only are they supporting your cause i.e “the Kashmiri cause” but they are also foregoing a huge Indian market of consumers.

Time will teach you that this friendship (CHINA+Pakistan) is there for a reason and you are never to take them for granted.


A country that does not manufacture a single item? Let us keep the ventilators aside for the time being.

Ask yourself, do you deserve Kashmir? Are you qualified to take what’s your own? Why should divinity help you? Are you the most pious and charitable people?

Are you worthy of Kashmir?

If you can answer these questions with a Yes as the amount of honesty will decide. Then Kashmir is Yours. It is free from any occupation. India has fallen and this world has no boundaries.

Every part and inch of land is yours to possess. But remember, you will need to have a pious internal and a similar external to achieve and conquer the world.

Kashmir was always a pawn to divide and create a rift between India and Pakistan. Today, It is a flashpoint and things can get out of hand. How much longer can you wait, and let your brothers and sisters keep looking at the direction of Pakistan?

Especially for freedom. My Kashmir in 2020

If you are an elderly Pakistani? Can you face my questions? Can you substantiate your argument? Why is India still functioning? and Why have we not attacked them the way they do? Why are the Kashmiris still suffering? I know you do not have a substantial answer. Because we the youth of Pakistan will have to take matters in our own hands.

Why? My Dear Kashmir

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