Self-Destruction in India

India Might not survive this! Self-Destruction in India

A country cannot survive without having a friendly neighborhood. Every Indian neighbor has a problem with them. Their economy is on a ventilator. The morale of the army is weak.
Moreover, The odds are against them.
Mother India embarrasses Modi Ji in this video. They are making fun of their situation. A country like China and Pakistan do not joke. Hybrid warfare is a serious matter. Pakistan has substantial evidence against you. Especially the unrest that you tried to create. Pakistan is a peace-loving nation. But if we are ever tested, then every Pakistani will fight. In this case, it won’t come to that. Although people will not remember India for long. But we Pakistanis will never forget the torture that our Kashmiri brothers and sisters underwent. Mark my words- even if the entire world unites against Pakistan?? Likely, Even then, Pakistan will survive.
I am happy that these pathetic Indians have started to realize the gravity of this situation and the consequences of their actions for their public.
Whatever you sow so shall you reap!

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