Pakistan-China Friendship- A suggestion – The best way to lift Pakistan. That from this crunch situation:


Above all, I have a suggestion that will immediately lift Pakistan up.
To begin with, if you cannot give strict punishments for corruption. Then you must form a team of dedicated Chinese pool of Human resources.

And deploy these competent people in all your main organizations at a higher position.
You cannot put an end to corruption. CORRESPONDINGLY, by deploying people from the same community.

I have faith that this method will work. It will not only bring us closer to achieving our desired aims and objectives. Furthermore, it also encourages the youth to stay on the right track.

Additionally, Learn more about Ethics

This is a completely different situation. And Pakistan will have to take extreme measures. Just try out this procedure. Pakistan-China Friendship has the full potential to eradicate poverty. Likely, from the Downtrodden African countries. These people will be the Pakistani government employees. China is doing something right. And we can learn, relearn, and start applying.

Pakistan-China Friendship

Disclaimer: In addition, I will be happy if you could mend the system from within. Moreover, But I understand the Pakistani mindset. BESIDES, there is no mindset that you cannot change. Especially with conditioning.

Thank You

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