Product innovation in Pakistan. A product needs to be aesthetically pleasing. A user must feel solid happiness while using it. Similarly, I noticed a major design flaw in a simple product. A phone clip that is mass-produced in China.

You know sometimes this phone clip can either become too loose or too tight, the one that I received was too tight.

My aim was to ask for an apology from the designer. But eventually, I ended up designing a new product in a similar category.

My design philosophy is simple. Make and select the single most important part. And that is usually the most difficult to acquire or make. And move your way forward. From there you can easily use the law of a pully – 

To be a pulley a simple machine must have a rope or belt. A Simple pulley is made up of TWO MAIN PARTS: I. A pulley wheel that can spin around, II. A rope that goes around it. One cannot work without the other.

Product innovation in Pakistan

Product innovation in Pakistan

So this design was inspired by a Pulley. over chat, I tried and overemphasized. That the Chinese product design resource ensures that they use a tire material for the phone holder clip. And as it turns out they did the same. The main part was a simple screw that will stick into a screw cap. 

Let me add that working with Chinese customer care is encouraging. You cannot find this anywhere else, especially the support in the USA is slightly counterproductive.

So I prefer sharing all these ideas with my Chinese friends. There were hurdles, and this is where the support suggested using a stopper. 

It was a three-part design. The screw, upper part, and lower part. 

The screw will attach and detach both the parts and there you go. You have a brand new design for a mobile phone holder.

SO that is why I say that it was not completely my design. I am also working on another project which I will update here. It is a voice to text device. All I can reveal is that it is black and orange in color!

Product innovation in Pakistan

Finally, STAY safe and work hard like China. 

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