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Live Transcribe App – Hello and welcome to this blog post.

I’m just saying this and not writing this.

This Android application can understand what I have to say.

And it’s doing a great job.

The purpose of this blog post is;

That what is the use of “A dedicated device”?


That can transcribe your voice and later, Turn it into text.

A lot of times and you might agree. That your mobile phone is not accessible to you or you’re expecting someone’s call. So in that case your cell phone becomes a liability and you cannot occupy it or use it for a longer time.

What that does is;

It creates a need for a dedicated device.

That will not only transcribe but also be available for you 24/7

A long battery life, and a solid 32 gig space in which you can save all your files.

If you look at it from a macro perspective than this idea is not bad.

This idea can benefit older people. Especially if an older person wants to write a book.

And if they are weak? they can easily Make voice notes and give these voice notes that are in written format or that will be transcribed into writing to an editor and him/she can proofread them and Convert them into a book. So writing a book is easier for older people now.

Especially if you cannot sit on the computer table and write for longer hours.

This is the first Advantage that I can see.

Especially for older people.

All the latest technology is directed towards younger people and social media and everything else.

We find only a few dedicated apps for older people. And sometimes they work and sometimes they do not.

Now it’s easier to write you can start writing your book even before going to bed. You can take out five minutes from your day. And before you go to bed, you can write at least two to three pages daily or regularly and this will help you.

This will help you in your book writing progress.

Especially during Times Like These. It’s important that we keep ourselves rested.

It is important that we do not waste the time that it takes to go to sleep.

With this application, you can start writing your own book.

And you can start writing today.

I am sure that this application. Will understand what you say.

As it can easily understand what I am trying to say.

So this application is as useful for you as it is for me.

You have to keep your face at least six inches away from your Android phone.

This application can also help people who cannot hear properly.

It’s amazing how this application can understand your voice.

And write exactly what you mean.- In real-time

I believe there was a person behind making this application

And I think he wanted to do mankind of favor.

Because applications like these add insurmountable value to the lives of an audience.

Generally, come out of people who want to change the world.

Furthermore, They want to make small changes that can impact a lot of people around them.

And these people are not confined to one country. These people are everywhere and throughout.

So on that note, I’d like to thank you for reading this blog post and if you can speak English. Then this is the right application for you. You do not need to type in on your keyboard.

You just have to download this Android application. And start rocking and rolling. Take care and have a nice day.

Download Here:

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