New World Order

If in any case, The USA attacks Iran, then it is pivotal for China and Pakistan to immediately attack India and Australia.

China and Pakistan will have only two tasks each.

China will have to simultaneously launch attacks on Australia and India. And Pakistan will have to attack India and help defend Iran and Afghanistan. Which will be a part of the Chinese investment soon.

We do not need a fascist country in this world or a country that supports fascism.

(new world order)

Fascism lead to the second world war or it became a prominent contributing factor.

Although the USA wants a war before the transition. But they do not need more bleeding dollars.

The USA has invested in India. (Heavily)

Meanwhile, Russia can launch a nuclear attack on the USA. And other supporting countries.

Let me be clear, no attack will be able to destroy an inch of Pakistan. It is the way it is. We are god Blessed.

But, our bombs and nukes will destroy you and your armies.

A Letter from a Patriotic Pakistani

Pakistan Zindabad

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