My final message to India

Light will triumph. Your lies have lost this war. I suggest that you take a long look at each Pakistani that you may see. Don’t you feel the end coming?

In a war-like situation, by only looking at the strategies of each opponent. And You can easily understand the minds that have prepared them.

I declare this a point of no return. You can never mend your ties with Pakistan, even if you want to.

You see, especially, when you say that ” Bhagwan why are you standing like a statue and not doing anything? in your movies – That is because a statue cannot reply to your insanity.

Hindus will have equal rights after we even out the score with the Modi regime.

I do not like the way Ajit Doval Thinks- as seen in some of his Youtube videos. And we must destroy this anti-Pakistan organization called RAW. Which happens to be a third-class agency.

Pakistan’s sovereignty depends on dismantling RAW. It is a menace for the entire region.

My plan is simple, cut India out. And Create smaller chunks or portions. Try and make them dysfunctional for 3-6 months. And then after placing the right people at the top. And after making this RAW agency dysfunctional. You can then keep these Indian people as slaves for as long as Pakistanis want.

But that is cruel. No, it is not, the atrocities on Kashmir entitle every Hindu to this treatment from a Pakistani.

India is a lie-factory. They lie to their public, and they lie to their friends.

So technically India is a prostitute who lies to her clients and makes the new clients feel as if they are her only customers.

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