A Letter to PDM

A Letter to PDM

Your parties have impoverished this Pakistani Nation.

The PPP government had planted special trees in various parts of Sindh. These trees emitted heat.

We are going towards a head-on collision. They are using food shortages to do this. The ultimate result of this paradigm shift would be Hunger or Sookha.

This is the Plan. Do not tell me that I did not warn you. The same people have also infiltrated the government and Imran Khan cannot do much. This mafia wants Pakistan to become like Somalia.

We still do not know who is behind this. But it is a strategic plan that will soon un-foil. I am warning you these food shortages and price hikes are unacceptable in Pakistan.

A Letter to PDM
A Letter to PDM

This will eventually lead to extreme-Hunger / sookha. Immediately remove PDM from the face of this earth. Make those necessary changes. Just remove PDM from our faces. This is exactly where we are headed.

Nun Leak was not doing anything to educate you. You were being played with. The point is to physically and mentally weaken this nation.

A point will come in your life when you will not have the physical or mental strength to even remove flies from your faces. Before that time comes. WAKE UP.

A Letter to PDM

Plus we do not have the vaccine distribution sorted out.



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