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Guest Post: Basic Guest Posting means publishing an article on a website that is not your own. It provides an opportunity for the writers to showcase their skills and Talents.


You can use this tool to get published on websites to reach an audience that you want to speak to. Plus it’s a great medium to connect and get your name out. We welcome all Tech Topics including:

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Some Tips:

It is pivotal not to over explain the topics which include adding emotional appeals. We do not cater to religious and political topics. You can send your piece about Travelling and Food.

Blogging about food is Fun:

Whether it is a new food joint that recently opened. Or just a unique place that serves amazing food. Send in your best photos of the food and we will share your views about that place. You can add pros and cons and a general overview of the food joint. We mention your Name and Details. Please send us an email with your post at

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