Struggles Only People in The Vaping Industry Will Understand:

Disclaimer: This post targets an adult population and not the Younger readers. If, you are below a legal age in your country- Do not read this.

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Can you imagine breathing under a medical condition? Or at a 50 % lesser capacity? If your answer is a NO! you might want to read this.

It’s over a decade since e-cigarettes first hit the shelves. And since then there’s an explosion in their popularity. With almost 3 million adults using them in Great Britain today.

Source: Cancer Research U.K

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A unique mechanism under the hood:

An e-cigarette heats the e-liquid to form an aerosol or vapour. That inhales, and the complete delivery and inhalation process dubs as Vaping. The main ingredients in an e-liquid include:

Vegetable glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Flavorings, and an optional ingredient called Nicotine.

Other (Optional) Ingredients include:


The slice-of-life and- The prevention of weight gain:

Comparatively, Studies reveal that Vaping prevents obesity which may result from successful tobacco cessation. In my personal experience, people vouch to notice a healthy weight gain. In reality, after pulling out.

Some International Restrictions:

Regardless, Vaping faces some policy bans and restrictions. It is illegal to carry a vape pen in countries like Egypt, Thailand, and Dubai. We will not go into a point scoring of the political and financial gains.


Likewise, The Vaping businesses, enthusiasts, and activists are streamlining their efforts. For their Right to Vape.

From Greece: Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos and his Pro vaping research

Identically, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has been exposing poor quality e-cigarette studies. For over six years now. But he recently took a step further. To prove that often times such research is completely inaccurate. Farsalinos spent months replicating two scaremongering studies. That had reported huge levels of aldehydes in e-cigarette vapour. To prove exactly how the authors came up with the outrageous results.

Source: Vape Ranks

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Series B Tilt By JAC Vapour

Similarly, Another study reveals:

  • There is no danger in the inhalation of second-hand vapour
  • Nicotine is not an addictive substance
  • The busted myth about the presence of Formaldehyde in E-cigarettes
  • The toxicants in an E-cig are far lower and incomparable to an analog cigarette and
  • It is not a gateway to smoking. In fact, it can help you quit

Furthermore, it is a matter of personal preference. Although, it is difficult to quit smoking without an aid.

Gearing up!

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Source: JAC Vapour About Us

Kittens Breath- E-Liquid Description or the flavor profile:

Additionally, An amazing concoction of a mild, creamy and delicious sweetness. A purr-fect 50/50 blend. With fruity undertones on the exhale.

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You can get rid of the menace of smoking with a strong willpower. With the powerful technology of JAC Vapours and an easy help and support. Various people are still making their New Year’s resolutions. Today, in 2018, you have the opportunity to Quit. Begin Anew.


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