Have you recently started a new business and built a new website? Did you think you can reach the first-page rank on the search engines just like that? Remember, there are thousands of websites, some of them might offer the same services as you. Chances are individuals, searching for the same services as yours, might not want to scroll the different pages on the search engines.


So, the simple way out is! Improve your site’s ranking- Here are 5 tips

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1. Always Publish Relevant Content

Quality comes first, and it is the first thing that determines on what page your site will rank. A high-quality content will improve the ranking of your website, and also improves the overall relevance and authority.
For this, identify the keywords. Think what your reader might search for. Once, you’ve identified the keywords, repeat. And make sure you make your keywords bold.


2. Update The Content on a Regular Basis

Updating the content on the site on a regular basis will improve the search engine rating. Be sure to keep it fresh each time.

3. Metadata

When your website is in the designing stages, make sure you ask your developer to add some space on each page between the <head> tags for the metadata.

 Title metadata: This is responsible for the titles of the page that display on top of a browser. Title metadata is the most important metadata on the page.
 Description metadata: This is the text that goes on the search engines for your page. Therefore, make it appealing and simple. Add the relevant info only.
 Keyword metadata: These are the phrases that people used to search your website page. Make sure you add a number of different phrases.

As a general rule, try to write about 6 to 7 phrases with about 1 to 4 words each.


4. Have a link-worthy website

When adding links, make sure you add text, instead of simply saying “click here” links, because this adds value to the search engine. An example would be “Michigan Tech Enterprise Program”. It will improve your ranking on the search engines, plus the page rank that you are linking it too.

5. Make use of ALT tags

Finally, when using a video medium or visuals, you can utilize the alt tags. Why? Because this will help the search engines locate your page, and mind you, this is very important, especially for individuals who only use text-only browsers.

Try to incorporate these 5 things on your site and see the difference for yourself. However, I would like to add one thing, most users are expecting overnight results, which is not possible. Be realistic! You are not going to secure the first-page ranking overnight. You need to be patient, put in all your effort, and wait. Good things happen to those who wait.
And yes, before I sign off, best of luck for your new business venture!

About The Author:

The Article is Written By Arooj Anjum (arooj-anjum@hotmail.com).